Our favorite StepStick-Blowing Company BTT (BigTreeTech) has recently officially partnered up with the official Klipper development team. Great! Or, is it? As always, i did some digging – and today, we’re going to find out what the BTT & Klipper Partnership is all about, how it will affect the development of both Klipper and BTT, and what kind of things the competition will now have to face.

TL;DR for people that are lazy(like me): There is no significant change other than solid financial supply.

Interviews reveal a relieving message

After having interviewed a few People of the Klipper development team, it has revealed a lot about the Relationship between BTT and Klipper.

The Relationship

BTT acts as a Sponsor to Klipper, just like their Website stays, this “Partnership”, as BTT calls it, is nothing more than a solid supply of income for our awesome Klipper developers – which is great!

It was also mentioned that several other Companies have been wanting to sponsor the Klipper Project, but BTT was first to do so. Why the others were not accepted, i do not know. Hardware-wise, it was also stated that The Klipper Team themselves will not be used as beta-testers for new BTT Mainboards.

The Klipper team and its Developers will continue to support Third Party Mainboards, not just BTT boards with their firmware officially. We can be assured that that will not be changed.

What this means

Since BTT now acts as another solid source of income for our hard-working Klipper developers, they will certainly have it easier to continue keeping Klipper up to date while also getting more motivation to continue further.

Stay healthy, and Happy Printing!
– christmas3dp