The Vzbot is one of the greatest DIY 3D printer projects I have seen in the past couple of years. It is a printer based on the X5SA as a base platform, and the perfect Highspeed CoreXY for people that want to get into 3D printing slowly, and move on / advance along the way!

X5SA printers
The TronXY X5SA printers can be purchased as low as $100 as Amazon returns when contacting or They are a great platform to beginners to start modding – we have a couple recommended mods for X5SAs from beginning to start on the TronXY Discord, for example.

The Conversion Guide
I will be making a FULL guide, step-by-step, component by component on Youtube and on this blog with higher detail. I will be walking beginners trough each single step of converting, to end up with an AWESOME machine! A full BOM, Guide link, etc, will all follow! I just have to wait until my units arrive, and we can get started!

Keep a look out!
The guide will be releasing soon, I will be announcing it on the TronXY Discord, and if i can with influence on the VzBot Discord, as well. I’ll see you soon!