3D Printer bed adhesion is one of the most difficult tasks us 3D Printing enthusiasts face with every single Print. To help us, we use different tools, ranging from Kapton Tape to pre-made bed adhesion helpers – all with varying ranges of success. Watch the YouTube Video about how to make the Adhesive here

Use Cases

For that reason i made my own Bed Adhesive based on MakerBogan’s “Printer goop” recipe – polymas high temp bed adhesive. It works not just for low-temp Materials like PLA and TPU, but also with HT Materials like PC, Nylon, PP, even PEEK and PEKK might be able to adhere to this stuff!

You can use it on any surface, whether it be Glass, G10/FR4, PEI, PEX or BuildTak/FakeTak – and it makes your surface stick very well.

Quick Note: Original creator of this formula is a person called Mahi from the Klipper & Annex communities. Thank you for creating this recipe and sharing it to the world! \o/

Tips for usage

Durability / Uses

You can use a coat around 2-5 times depending on Material and temperature. Double coats can help with adhesion


You can wash it off with water or Isopropyl alcohol. PVA and PVP are generally both Water soluble.


200ml last me probably more than 500 prints. Each application needs around 0.5-1g depending on bed size and use. You really don’t need a lot of this stuff if you use it sparingly (which you can)


I recommend two types of containers:

  1. Sprayer bottles
    Example (Ali)
    – Good for quick and large spread
    – Keep lid on or it will dry out
  2. Refillable Marker Pens
    Example (Ali)
    – Good for easy spreading with zero to no loss
    – Keep lid on or it will dry out


You will need:
– (dist.) Water
– Isopropanol 99% (or higher)
– PVP Polyvinylpyrrolidone (K30)
– PVOH Polyvinyl Alcohol

Mix PVP and PVOH at around 70% to 30%. Water and IPA are 1:1
For both sprayer and Pen, a good starting value is:
2g of PVOH + 10g of PVP + 100ml of Water + 100ml of IPA.

Sourcing the Chemicals

Best is to search up things like:

“buy PVOH”,
“buy polyvinylpyrrolidone”
in your countries language on google. Local stores usually have the chemicals cheapest. As a last resort, if all else fails, use AliExpress or Alibaba.

My PVOH was sourced here


You can also color your printer adhesive for better view of what parts of your bed are and are not coated. I recommend alcohol based colors for this. Add as many drops as needed for a good color.

Get ingredients from christmas3dp

If you want to purchase the Chemicals / Premade Adhesive + Container from christmas3dp, contact them on Discord @ ChRIstMas#6253

Have fun with the adhesive, i hope you make it yourself!
Good day, and happy printing!