3D Printing – One of the most powerful technologies made popular in the 21st century, especially considering the every-day user! Everyone can get into it and get started themselves, but some people just find themselves lost when trying to find good advice on where to buy one.
Most people resort to going on Reddit or Facebook to ask for 3D printer advice, which, don’t get me wrong are great places, just not the best to see all your possibilities and the ones that suit you the best!

Because of this, the community behind the 3D Printing Discord Server, especially user Popato, the lord of 3d printing advice, as well as myself, have partnered up to create a huge updated and maintained list of all budget 3D printers that are under 1000€, ranging from around every pricerange.

The Spreadsheet can be found here.

If you need a person to confirm / help you with the printer search, tho, you might want to consider joining the 3D printing discord and checking the #what-printer-should-i-buy channel, where you can get awesome advice on everything considering buying 3D printers. We’ll be making sure to get you the Best Cheap 3D Printer in 2022!

What are you waiting for? Come check it out!