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The VzBot & TronXYDiscord 3D Printing Competition #VzTrCompetition2022

! Important notice !
The VzTrCompetiton has been delayed to September 29th.
- christmas3dp

What is it?

The TronXY Discord is celebrating 500 Users and is doing this in collaboration with the awesome guys at the VzBot Discord


We have some exciting Prizes in the VzTrCompetition for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to our sponsors at Noctus3D and Mellow3D, we have some awesome prizes for everyone that participates!
If you would like to join their Discords, their links are here: Noctus3D Mellow3D

1st Place Prizes

1st Place Winner
– Noctus3D Chungus Hotend (coming soon!) (Chungus hotend may be substituted for a $50 giftcard due to shipping constraints)
– 3 Pack of Noctus3D FireHose2.0 Nozzles
– Noctus3D Volcano-CHT Extender

2nd Place Winner
Noctus3D FireHose2.0 Nozzle

3rd Place Winner
Noctus3D FireHose2.0 Nozzle
– Noctus3D Volcano-CHT Extender

Runner-up Prizes (3rd, 4th, 5th Place)
– Noctus3D $10 Gift card

How to participate

Participating is rather easy. What you have to do is:

  1. Join the TronXY and VzBot Discords
  2. Go into the Competition Submissions channel on one of the two Discords and run the /submit in the competition submission channel. This will create your own thread that you can use for your submission. These are synced across the two discords.
  3. Next, follow the steps as described in the next paragraph

Step 1 – (Pretty) Printer Pictures

Our competition isn’t just about having the cleanest print – but also the cleanest Printer! So, make sure to send 3 Pictures, consisting of:

  • Mainboard Enclosure & Wiring
  • Hotend carriage wiring
  • Enclosure clean-ness

in your newly created thread.

Step 2 – (Speedy) Cube Printing

Our Competiton has an official competition cube which you can download here

For printing, the following Slicer settings & rules apply:
Extrusion Width: 0.48-0.5mm
Layer height: 0.05-0.25mm
Wall count: 3 Top Layers: 4 Bottom Layers: 3
Infill: Cubic Infill Percent: At least 20%
Material: No Glitter, Silk, CF, WoodFill, etc
Combined Infill: Forbidden

! Make sure to film the entire printing Process with a timer visible (Phone works) !

Next, post 3-10 Pictures of your finished print into the Discord Thread that you created. Upload the Video to Youtube or any other Video sharing platform under the Hashtag “#VzTrCompetition2022” (must be present in video title).

3 – Sit back – and hold tight!

Congratulations! You have participated in the VzTrCompetition 2022! The competition entries end August 30th – Prizes will be given out once ranking is done.. Ranking will be done by admins on a list of criteria. Keep in mind both print quality, time and looks of your 3D printer count in this competition, so try getting the best out of all three!


A list of commonly asked questions will follow.

  • Q: When will the Submissions end?
    A: August 30th
  • Q: What printers can i use to participate?
    A: Any modded TronXY / VzBot of any kind
  • Q: Do i need a VzBot serial number?
    A: If you have a VzBot which you are competing with, it is preferrable. A winner Plaque for your VZ serial may be given out
  • Q: Do i have to send my competitions in both the TronXY and VzBot discord?
    A: No, only send it from one, which one doesn’t matter.
  • Q: How do i delete my posts in the thread?
    A: Delete messages in your thread. Deleted messages / empty threads will not be counted and removed by staff if left empty for too long

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