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Update: VzPro 3D Printer Project

What happened?

In a previous post I mentioned how i was going to start to make a conversion guide on the X5SA to a VzBot – unfortunately, tronxy did not send me an X5SA Printer – but an X5SA Pro?!

What came next?

Instead of going through buying new linear rails and everything i decided i wanted to work with what i started. The X5SA Pro “OSG15” Linear rails (X5SA Pro linear guides). I based an entire Printer Project on top of them, trying to adapt them to High Speed and to work with hightemp setups. What i came up with was the “VzPro”

VzPro printer photo
Wow, this is the VzPro

The VzPro features:

  • Triple Z (optional)
  • Watercooling(optional)
  • High Speed guide rail mod
  • EVA2.4 & EVA3 adaptation to work with the OSG15 rails (not seen, image follows)
  • VzTrident Skirt
EVA2.4 and EVA3 adaptations for VzPro
EVA2.4 and EVA3 adaptations for VzPro

and works with X5SA Pro, X5SA 400 Pro and X5SA 500 Pro printers – giving everyone a chance to upgrade.

The EVA2.4 and EVA3 mods should be ready soon, just like the full CAD for the VzPro on it’s GitHub page. So keep your eyes out, X5SA Pro Users. This one is a big one!

Oh! And for anyone wanting to compete in my VzTrCompetition, don’t miss out on it! There are great prize for everyone to enjoy!

Have a nice day, and happy printing!
– Christmas3dp

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  1. Jeremy

    Yo good work man, keep it up breski

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